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Welcome to the sanctuary of plenty (above banners not supported by this ministry, HELL IS AN EMPHATIC TRUTH, don't find out for yourself)

Let's Look at your diet today...

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Before you journey off Beloved,...just to let you know that your visit is not just by chance lest you have ulterior means, but the leading of God to this site is only for those to whom it is sent......Do you know Jesus?...Jesus is the Best that could ever be in a person's Life. I can't say "best thing", He's far from that, He doesn't just "happen" so I couldnt say the "best thing that ever happened" to me, though nothing else can compare to living a life full of serving Christ. He paid your penalty y'know, and what a very steep debt He paid for us all, and all He's ever expected in return is a 'Thankyou'. Not thanks as this world suppose, but thankyou in a way that He defines as divine gratitude for being eternally grateful that He removed the penalty for all our sins and took our place in capital punishment so that we wouldnt have to,...although there are many still laying down on the chopping block, still injecting themselves with that lethal weapon of sin, still fastening the straps onto the electric table and pulling the switch to sin because they don't want to let go of it in a way that says "Thankyou Lord for freeing me and paying my penalty, Oh Lord I can't thank you enough, the least I can do is no longer do those things for which You died to make me free from, Oh Lord how could I ever repay you but to walk in a way pleasing to the Lover of My Soul, I Love you too Lord....and now Let me show you from this day forward, living a Life that resembles the Thankyou that you deserve", ... beloved sister/beloved if you can say those words and mean it today, will know a friend who sticketh closer than any blood brother, who's comfort, counsel, and peace is beyond human comprehension. We were created to serve Him, and we will sense a void until we fill that space within us with His Love.